Green Building means different things to different folks.  Shows Construction defines Green Building as constructing well-built (sustainable), energy efficient homes in an environmentally responsible & healthy manner. Luke Shows is a Certfied Green Building Professional as designated by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) and is qualified to advise you on Green Building/Energy Efficient features common to our area. 

Regardless of your motivation for selecting the green building/energy efficient features you may choose, it makes sense to include features that will result in a financial payback over time.  As the cost of energy continues to rise, dollars you invest today will more quickly pay back your investment.  Shows Construction can help you select the combination of features that make the most sense for your particular project and that are the right "Shade of Green" for you!


R40 ICF Walls

Geothermal Heat Pump

Conditioned Attic

Energy Efficient Windows

Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Gas Tankless Water Heating

ICF 6" Themal Mass (Concrete)

Quality House Wrap

Moisture Resistant Drywall

Foam Insulation in Stud Wall

Foam Insulation at Roof

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